Tom Scatterhorn

Also Known As

Tommy Scatterhorn The Thinker

Biological Information

Born: 1st July 1998

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Sam Scatterhorn (father)

Poppy Scatterhorn (mother)

Tommy Scatterhorn (brother in alternate time line)

Baby Scatterhorn (sister in alternate timeline)

Joshua Scatterhorn (uncle)

Melba Scatterhorn (aunt)

Sir Henry Scatterhorn (great-great-grand uncle)

Tom Scatterhorn (Echo)


Sir Henry Scatterhorn

August Cather

The Eagle

Lotus Askary-Zumsteen (frenemy)

The Animals of the Museum

Pearl Smoot

Arlo Smoot

Rudy Smoot


Abel Cuddy

Noah Cuddy

Mrs. Cuddy

Mantis Man

Tom Scatterhorn (Echo)

Don Gervase Askary (Echoes)

Evie Spry



Don Gervase Askary

Nicholas Zumsteen

Ern Rainbird

Slim Spry


Mr. Grimal

Nurse Manners

Dr. Culexis


The Museum's Secret

The Hidden World

The Forgotten Echo

‘I discovered the Museum’s Secret,

And a Hidden World, teeming and hot

Its Prince was my Forgotten Echo

And he perished upon this spot.’

Tom’s Epitaph from ‘The Forgotten Echo’

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